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Is CrossFit Mandan for me?

(By “me” I mean not someone training to be a Navy Seal, climb Mount Everest, race the Iditarod, run the Ironman or qualify for the decathlon in the Olympics.).


CrossFit Mandan is for you.

But only if you want to have fun while getting the very best workout. We know many people think CrossFit gyms are filled with over-zealous workout freaks.

While you can probably find those personalities at some places, you won’t find them at CrossFit Mandan.

We’re for people like you — who are looking for a way to exercise that is never boring. And never intimidating.

CrossFit Mandan is for every day people. Who don’t want the every day routine.

CrossFit Mandan is a family owned business run by me, Kat, and my husband, Reid.

CrossFit can be done by anyone and we strongly believe it will improve the health and lifestyle of anyone that tries it. The hardest part of doing CrossFit is coming in the front door so stop in, we look forward to seeing you.